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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  January 4, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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denver 7 news start right now. you are watching denver seven at 11:00 a.m. new details of the driver accused of killing two people. suspect. isis sending out a new video showing murder of five country.
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the man allegedly causing a deadly crash. 55-year-old semere dawit is charged with the crash. he lives just two blocks away from the accident. he took off when approached while asleep at the wheel. witnesses say dawit was going pretty fast >> this black suv, the one that's up right came raising past me aren't continued to accelerate and that's -- and continued to accelerate. it backed up traffic quite a bit for hours. denver seven found out he only has ne prior arrest in our state. that was dating back to the 1980s.
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it happened this morning at colfax and yosemite. this man actually helped police catch the suspect? >> reporter: that's right. he tells me it was his instinct to go after him when he heard, "that man ran over that kid." he says he was headed northbound on i-70 when he saw a car pull up next to him and then said hey, man, you ran stop. and the tow truck driver said away. he says blocking this van is the right thing to do.
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year-old, a seven years old and a 10-year-old. if somebody ran over my kid, i wouldn'' expect anything less. if we wouldn't have stopped this guy, god only knows what would have happened neet. he could have done it again. >> reporter: according to police he was walking with his mother and turning left on a crosswalk right on colfax. fortunately the boy was not injured. the suspect was taken into kusa. custody. at least two were broken in to. >> i wasn't aware there were other break-ins around the area.
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stuff secure in the safe. >> police say it's just too early to know if they are all related. at one point this morning the dow had fallen 450-point. this all started in china. a negative report on manufactuuing started a selloff there which triggered a breaker there that closed the chinese market. investors here were nervous. at one time it was below thh 17,000 mark, the ffrst time since october. the nasdaq was down 3%. right now you can see the live picture. dow down 365.
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we -- dealt with that extremely cold week. in the 20s and now we are finally warming up. take a look at how gorgeous it is. we have some light snow on the mountains and a little more to come over the next 24 hours. a wide range of temperatures across the north eastern part of our state. fort collins low in the 20s. our highs this afternoon in the mid to upper 40s. calling for 45 in denver, same thing in boulder. greeley and steerling look to the northwest, you're still going to find some teens and 20s there. we have a system that's going to push in a little bit of show
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we will have some cloud cover. and that's it pretty much for the next three days, but a -`chance of snow coming up on thursday. we are also following up on some breaking news we brought you this morning. a man is recovering after a mattress caught fire at the greeley manor apartments. the person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and smoke inhalation. the fire is still -- under investigation. nobody has heard from john rutter sincc his place of business went up in flames. >> reporter: the search should be getting under way very soon because the heavy equipment that firefighters have been waiting for just arrived about 20 minutes ago. there. even though this fire happened
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investigators have still not been ble to search inside the building because i'm told it's in such bad shape it's in danger of collapsing. i'm told this building is going to be dismantled in the process. investigators still don't know for certain if john rutter was trapped inside this building where he worked as an addiction counselor. i did speak to his son and he says his dad is not the type of person to be out of communication like this and another employee says he did see rutter trying to leave the building on saturday. so again, ttis search is going to be getting started any minute now. firefighters will be using heavy equipment, two excavators and a boom that will act as a crane to let them look inside. we will keep you posted.
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students and staff on the du an armed robbery on south williams took place but police won't say exactly where it happened. three men in camo jackets and black masks robbed store. >> it's taken everybody we got somehow ssme way but that's the way we should be. broncos celebrating today. the broncos are the number one seed in the afc and we're headed to the playoffs. >> the chatter isn't the only talk going around. >> which q.b. with start in the playoffs? coach kubiak says there's no time to decide that right now. >> reporter: victory monday
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we have the afc champions, home fieed advantage and the top seed. these are the things you put on a big screen the 1st day of training camp. and one more thing, a quarterback controversy. osweiler led the team to 17 points, but then five turn overs into the third quarter not brocks fault, three fumbles, two tip passes, but gary kubiak said the team needed a spark, so he brought in 18, peyton manning. a huge spark provided a lot of great handoffs. broncos 27-20. they won it two weeks before their first playoff game which gives us lots of time to talk about the quarterback situation. >> e have two weeks before we play again. -`i have to see how i feel
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'le win, give guys a chance to get healthy. and i think that's important. >> the run game got going, the offensive line played gate, the back, and the defense played great. this is what it's all about. coach always preaches it takes all 46 guyssto win on game day and today that couldn't be more true. they will play the texans, chiefs or steelers in two weeks. we have a lot to talk about today in the orange and blue review at noon. we'll see you then. the broncos have the home field advantage through the playoffs.. the game is january 17th at 2:40 p.m.
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chiefs tore housen texans. a you can visit the ticketmaster locations for tickets r go on line or in person. they start at $80. the claims against peyton manning taking hgh just won't go away. now there's a second claam of another source. last weekend peyton manning denied the allegation calling it all garbage. the nfl says it's investigating and manning says he's considering a lawsuit against al-jazeera. you can watch the wild- card ame between the kansas chiefs and the houston texans.
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much more to come after the break we will have the right now. the fbi is hoping to have this end peacefully.
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oregon still under way today. a group has seized control of a national wildlife area. the person who led the standoff two years ago, this started after two locaten ranchers were sentenced to two years for ]h@cabsetttth@c closed ce are here based upon the constitution of the united states. >> it's sort of frightening when there h@ircuare people making threats. >> police intend to put up a command post. isis has been showing vvdeos of murdered men. it@ahis is a ilc9picture of
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he threatens the british prime minister. five men are confessing to spying on great britain osed cir then are hk_lshot in the head. officials are trying to authenticate the video. >> donald trump calls it islamic terrorism. that's why heeis calling for a shut down for muslims into the united states. >> it's entitled great again. it focuses on the terrorism. today president obama meets with the u.s. attorney general to discuss options for tougher gun restrictions. president obama has regularly called out for tougher
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president says he isn't waiting any longer. >> once again, innocent people were killed in part 9 *because ir[ death got their hands on a gun. he is looking what he can do without executive approval. republicans have promised retake -- ttday is the last day to vote for the colorado caucus. from the monday night gamee to -- to today, the temperature
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>> reporter: winds coming in about five to 10 miles an hour. mainly blue skies, higg clouds streaming in. the mountains are looking at the beautiful start to the afternoon. teens and 20s headed up along i- 70. across the plains we're already in the upper 30s. burlington right now 35. denver 37. mid to upper 40s this afternoon. very close to normal today. you are going to find a lot streets. it's been a good week and a half before we have seen any of the ice melt on the side streets. littleton you are look ago to a high of 44, upper 30s near fort morgan and greeley, 20s and 30s as you head west. our normal high today is 43, so we are pretty close to that wednesday.
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wednesday. it's really not until thursday. looking at satellite radar you can see some of the high clouds across eastern colorado. the mounts are going to pick up some snow. we should see some parts of south western colorado by late afternoon evening, a few showers prop up. overnight into tomorrow morning you might get some light snow there. we don't have any alerts in place. 11:00 tomorrow you can see some clouds across the north eastern corner and by tomorrow afternoon an evening the mmultons will pick up a little bit -- mountains will pick up a little bit more snow. temperatures will drop, we'll be in the 30s bothhdays. totals would be at about one to
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think as far as the commute is concerned thursday night and friday. make sure you get the gloves back. >> go look at the lost and found box. that's where my kids' stuff was. >> i found my kids stuff there. but then i realized they weren't hers. >> i took them back, i took them back.
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here islook at other stories the news. a scary-story out of i-95 as that is a sheet of ice smashed right into the windshield in washington d. c. end over end it smashed into the windshield. the driver was not hurt. does anyone need the %-
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well i have video for you. looks like several inches of snow is up on that power line. i hearhe works for peanuts. insert your laughter there. he does a great job clearing up the snow. sometimee you just have to off. don't know if this is the whip or the nay, nay. he is showing off much better moves than i have. i think going to steal that move the time i'ou on dance floor. look at this guy. they're calling him water melon boy because he was eating the skin and all while at a cricket match. he is famous now. he even has his own twitter account here as you can see he has as a lot of followers
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and other people sending him pictures of eating water melons. >> that's a real water melon there that little girl is eating there. >> he must have some strong teeth to eat that much water melon. >> or a strong stomach. seven every ay heros, go to the boxing ring to meet this outstanding volunteer. >> half step, give me that right. >> reporter: life can be unpredictable so it helps to have someone like ta mas. >> they don't got no connidence in themem theyavlied. >> reporter: led a long time denvee boxing gym called the house of pain.
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shape and out of trouble. >> i've been shot, i've been stabbed by gangs. the thing is i don't want to see these kids do that. >> it kept me out of gangs, drugs, street, pretty much out of everything and i've been focused since i was four and i've been motivated, confident that i'm going to go big. >> we're not trying to teach these kids to beat up each other, we're just trying to teach them discipline. >> reporter: if they can't pay a monthly nominal fee, tomas pays it for them. >> it breaks your heart and then before you know it they're moving around and you're high good job. >> reporter: the house of pain
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no fighting outside the ring and tomas holds everyone accountable. >> he's really on everyone but it more like a fatherly way. >> thissii my purpose. >> reporter: the independent insurance agents of colorado wanted to honor you as a 7 day every day hero. nice work. how about a round of applause for tomas. ed to denver is remembering a popular denver newspaper columnist. nn65, connected with readers in many ways but especially as she wrote about
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>> she will be missed. a very inner jet i can lady. -- lady. afteg quite a
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denver 7 news staats right now.
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there is an active certain for a man that -- a search for a man that went missing after a % fire in arvada. >> reporter: the heavy equipment that firefighters have been waiting for is now here. it is being put to use. you can see the blue boom that has several people on it. behind that is an excavator and %- it's going to be used to basically tear apart this building that caught fire and search for the man who is unaccounted for. i was just able to talk to john rutter's son and he says it is not like his father to be out of communication. they are fearing the worst. diian in >> reporter: can yoo explain to me what you are going
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>> yes, we are going to be working diligently and cautiously as we move forward in taking a good look at what's cause and origin of the fire. >> reporter: i'll show you some video while this fire was burning on saturday. could you describe why firefighters couldn't go inside and searrh while this was happening. >> so on saturday when firefighters arrived they were met with really heavy smoke and flames we did whaa's called a vent, intenter search, they weren't -- enter, search. they did their best to search and locate any victims and at some point they were over- come and we had to move to a defensive strategy. >> reporter: and i know it wass't until sunday morning
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can you tell me why? >> well, it's difficult to find out who may or may not be inside the building. and these firefighters with -`their expertise put forth every effort to accomplish that and at some point someone was able to notify the police department that there was someone unaccounted for, they dii their due diligence to trying to track down the individual and we were notified that someone was not accounted for early ssnday morning. >> reporter: thank you so much. we are going to be out ere throughout the day in arvada. a tow truck driver being called a hero. there was a driver that allegedly struck a 10-year-old boy while he was walking with his mother at colfax and yosemite.
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instinct for the tow truck driver after he heard someone yell quote, "you ran over that kid." he chased down and blocked this van, he saw a car pull up next to him then the driver walked up to the van next to him and said quote, hey, you ran over that kid." he took off on 270 and vasquez. he said chasing after this van was jjst the right thing to do. >> i have three kids, a two- year-old, a seven-year-old an a 10-year-old. if somebody would have run over my kid, i wouldn't have expected anything less. if we wouldn't have stopppd this guy, who knows what he would have done next.
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>> he was clippee by a van as he wws turning left on the crosswalk on colfax. he was not injured. developinn right now police in sheridan are % investigating another smash and grab in the river point shopping center. there have been now been more than 30 smash and grabs in the past month or so in and around denver. thieves hit up nine more businesses. policc still think they didn't getaway with much. business owners and managers were at work before dawn to try to pick up the mess. >> you try keep going as bestt you can, fix the door and hopefully forget about it next week. police are trying to figure out what caused this deadly crash on the highway at morrison.
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in any case, if you can help you are asked to please call police. `>> police in longmont are looking for two men who attacked a man brutally with a fire poker in his home. they stole cash, arijuana and a red jeep grand cherokee. the license plate is 917yyh. 3 a man walked into a north fork church but instead of a tragedy the pastor was able to %- make the man change his mind. he says he immediately left his podium and confronted the man. >> he said i came here with terrible things on my mind. i was going to do some bad things. >> i was very scared. i grabbed my granddaughter and braced her head so if any
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the bullets and not my granddaughter. >> he said he man was recently released from prison and was a veteran. he immediately asked for prayerr and gave up the gun. nobody was hurt. in midair after the plane took off. the pilot heard a noise, found the open door. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. some passengers did complain of %- well, the brothers the broncos had us a little nervous yesterday. >> more importantly guys, it
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victory monday means celebration an anticipation. two weeks until the next game. peyton versus brock is going to dominate conversations. broncos won the afc west, clinched the first seed. let'sstake you inside the locker room. the celebration after the victory over san diego. >> yeah. yeah. >> look at my hat. >> yeah. >> congratulations to everybody. >> all we do is work, work on three. `ne, two, three. >> work, yeah, here is how it went down. osweiler led the start. five turn overs into the third
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this was not osweiler's fault. the coach thought they needed a spark. so peyton came in. broncos win 27-20. lots of time to talk about tte quarterback situation. today gary kubiak said he's not making any decisions on a starttng quarterback right now. >> i don't say anything. like i said i'm proud of our football team. they have a few days oof. i have a lot of things i eed to do as a coach. so i got nothing for you today, thursday. >> i don't know, we have two weeks before we play again. i have to see how i feel tomorrow, how my foot feels?
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look at things, i'm going to the everything the same way and i'll always be ready to go. >> we will be looking at whose taking the first? remember peyton the first nine games? worst quarterback in the league. yeah, peyton created a spark, so i would keep the spark guy on the bennh. the spark, i say ive brock the chance to start and get the spark in there ready to go. same scenario as yesterday. we'll see. take a look at the celebration on the field. broncos accomplished every goal they set for the season. everything john elway has done, gary kubiak has done ultimately to get here. that's all that matters. players told us last night to be home for this ride, that's great.
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-- the stir is being the-story is being written asswe speak. i'm enjoying the-story ss far. you have to come here to get to the super bowl and that's the way we want it. >> llst time i was home field we had the home field advantage, we went to the super bowl, we didn't win, but especially with our fans it's hard to come in here and win. >> reporter: guys the broncos are 15-5 at home, it's ggeat to be home for holidays and it's great to be home for thee playoffs as well. this whole peyton, brock thing, it's hard. >> i hink you made point though. >> a lot of people saying we have got to go with peyton here on out, but we'll talk about
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at noon on the orange and blue denner and the denver seven app as well. let us know what you think. really nothing to talk about. we got nothing. going on. i suppose you have two quarterbacks who are classy good team players. >> and gary kubiak says the team supports both of them. whoever ask in there, they're going to go. >> yeah, maybe we'll see both. >> nevvr know. >> so the broncos get a buy this week, but you can watch the wild-card game between the chiefs and the texans right here, pregame coverage starts at 1:00, kickoff at 2:30 p.m.
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$400 million, that's how much the power ball is jackpot is worth. straight ahead 2016 everything from how you can rent out your home to your child's daycare. we'll fill in you after the break. >> and a kitten literally turned purple. it's unfortunately not funny. it's actually a case of abuse. we'll have more for you. >> reporter: this morning sunshine, a few high clouds, but that is it. you are i'm going to hand you
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well, you've probably seen this poor little kitten dyed purply blue. the doctors and staff named him %- smurf. see those little spots, those are puncture wounds. this guy is a little fighter. >> he has a very good prognosis to be a healthy cat. he has a great
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this week to repair his wounds. >> there are some things i will never understand and that is one of them? >> reporter: keep in mind we had 20s this morning. those were our highs pretty much all last week and finally we are regulating a >> say it don't spray it. >> the producer goes, hey, just keep talking. >> reporter: there in limon you can see it's a really nice start to the daa, dry roads. you are going to find sunshine dominating across eastern colorado. fort collins 28. 40 greeley went one. you get up into the -- 21. degrees.
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to upper 40s across southern and south eastern colorado. highs expected to be near 50- degrees there. boulder, 45. denver also 45-degrees. really nice afternoon. and very close to normal. boltedder 45. -- boulder 45. upper 30s to low 40s in the foothills. -`you are going to be able to chip away a little bit more of the ice today as things warm up over the next few days. there is some snow in the 7- day forecast, but not really here until thursday. our mountains are going to pick up some light snow, but once the snow gets moving it will get heavier by midweek, this is 6:30. telluride.
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this hot cloud cover fort collins, greelee. 7:00 tuesday night it's still going to be pretty quite, it's not going to be until thursday that we will get the shot at `ome snow. closer to 50 on tuesday.. it's really going to be warm tomorrow. temperatures at that point a few degrees above normal. then the edge of the week, thursday -- end of the week, thursday, we will be watching the commutes, but looks like maybe around one to 3 inches, but pretty cold through the weekend as our skies start to clear up. >> lila by marilyn robinson is the book club book of the month. there's no chapters in this book. it's really good.
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so if you go o -- tattered edges we'll talk abet. >> and you promise not to spit on the books? on. >> it was those chips i was eating over there. >> they're still here. thank you. the state is uppating standards including provisions to ban sugary drinks, limit playground and meals. it is expected to start for the licensed daycares but ot homeowners. home owners can only rent their home for 30 days at a time and must be their primary resideece. they have to submit the applicatton to the city to do
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might think twice about doing that. they rented out their home on new years and returned home for a mess. turns out it was a teenager and was looking for an 18th birthday party. >> people were jumping on them and stepping on them. tons of booze. beer cans, actually broken glass in the house. the airbnb is looking to cover the losses. the ompany can cover up to $1 million.
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welcome back, here is a weird one for you right now two self proclaimed nuns -- yes, self proclaimed are fighting to keep their business up and running. >> they use the marijuana oils, but claim the thc isn't in there to get you high. `hey call themselves nuns to endeavor.
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this really does. >> all of our prayer goes into our work. >> the sisters will go before the city council to ask them to let them continue their mission growing. this is again, in california.
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